Deed of Wakf-Alal-Aulad

‘Wakf’ means transferring the ownership of the property in the name of GOD for religious or charitable purposes. Deed of Wakf-alal-aulad is a type of deed where a person donates any kind of property for Muslim charitable purposes. The donated property/asset is held under the Charitable Trust.

Deed of Wakf-alal-aulad is entered by a Wakif, a person who dedicates the property which results in the transfer of ownership from him to the Charitable Trust. The Wakif may appoint himself as the manager of the Wakf known as Mutawalli. The Wakif or Mutawalli ceases to be the legal owner in the eyes of law and remains only the manager or trustee of the property, which is treated as vested in God according to the Islamic concept of Wakf.

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